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What is Goal Tracker?

Goal Tracker is a ground-breaking digital platform that enables countries and their citizens to visually track implementation of the Global Goals and related national policies.

The platform can be tailored to any specific country, translating complex data on development priorities into innovative and accessible information.

Why is this tool necessary?

To build a better future we need to understand where action is needed. By turning data into useful, actionable information, this tool enables evidence-based decision making and ensures greater transparency and accountability around the implementation of the Global Goals and targets.

How does it work?

Goal Tracker is built on a foundation of core features and data visualization tools that can be adapted to any country. Together with local partners available data and relevant policies are analysed and then the platform is customized for each country. It draws on national statistics but can also pull data from many of other sources.

What does it enable you to do?

A chart used as an example of data visualization
Explore intuitive and powerful visualizations around the Global Goals and related policies by goal, geography, gender and age.
Learn about the data gaps across the goals, targets and indicators, making it clear where data is missing.
Act by sharing content and data easily, downloading unique messages from every page.


National Goal Tracker portals are currently being developed for South Africa, Tanzania and Sweden, in close collaboration with their respective statistics agencies. We are continuosly adding new data and features as we go along.

South Africa Goal Tracker portal
Tanzania Goal Tracker portal

Open source tech stack

Developing effective, user-friendly, data-driven communication is hard. For data visualizations to be effective it needs to be developed in close collaboration with the end users, which is why each feature and data visualization tool of this platform is developed together with the partner country.

front end


back end


Our experience

Goal Tracker builds on technology and experiences from Data Act Lab's collaboration with the Colombian government to develop Colombia's SDG platform. Launched in March 2018, the informative platform visualizes Colombia's SDG policies, data availability and progress on reaching its national targets for 2030.

Interview with Adriana Castro from NDP about Colombia's SDG tracker platform

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