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South Africa currenty has data on these targets for Goal 12.

Target 12.1

0/1 covered

Target 12.2

1/2 covered

Target 12.3

0/1 covered

Target 12.4

1/2 covered

Target 12.5

0/1 covered

Target 12.6

0/1 covered

Target 12.7

0/1 covered

Target 12.8

0/1 covered

Target 12.a

0/1 covered

Target 12.b

0/1 covered

Target 12.c

0/1 covered

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Domestic material consumption, domestic material consumption per capita, and domestic material consumption per GDP

Method of computation

Domestic Material Consumption (DMC) is a standard material flow accounting (MFA) indicator. MFAs below to environmental-economic accounts and apply the accounting concepts, structures, rules and principles of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting 2012 - Central Framework. It should be used in conjunction with reading the global EW-MFA guide The use of natural resources in the economy: A Global Manual on Economy Wide Material Flow Accounting


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