Overall stats about Goal 15 in South Africa
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targets with data available for at least one indicator

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indicators with data available for South Africa

indicator coverage for Goal 15 in South Africa


South Africa currenty has data on these targets for Goal 15.

Target 15.1

Conserve and Restore Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecosystems

2/2 covered

Target 15.2

Sustainably Manage All Forests

1/1 covered

Target 15.3

Stop Desertification and Restore Degraded Land

1/1 covered

Target 15.4

Ensure Conservation of Mountain Ecosystems

1/2 covered

Target 15.5

Protect Biodiversity and Natural Habitats

1/1 covered

Target 15.6

Promote Fair Share of Benefits from, and Access to Genetic Resources

0/1 covered

Target 15.7

Eliminate Poaching and Trafficking of Protected Species

0/1 covered

Target 15.8

Prevent Invasive Alien Species on Land and in Water Ecosystems

0/1 covered

Target 15.9

Integrate Ecosystem and Biodiversity in Governmental Planning

0/1 covered

Target 15.a

Increase Financial Resources to Conserve and Sustainably Use Ecosystem and Biodiversity

0/1 covered

Target 15.b

Finance and Incentivize Sustainable Forest Management

0/1 covered

Target 15.c

Combat Global Poaching and Trafficking

0/1 covered

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