Overall stats about Goal 4 in South Africa
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indicator coverage for Goal 4 in South Africa


South Africa currenty has data on these targets for Goal 4.

Target 4.1

Free Primary and Secondary Education

3/4 covered

Target 4.2

Equal Access to Quality Pre-Primary Education

2/3 covered

Target 4.3

Equal Access to Affordable Technical, Vocational and Higher Education

1/1 covered

Target 4.4

Increase the Number of People with Relevant Skills for Financial Success

2/2 covered

Target 4.5

No Discrimination in Education

2/2 covered

Target 4.6

Universal Literacy and Numeracy

1/1 covered

Target 4.7

Education for Global Citizenship

0/1 covered

Target 4.a

Build and Upgrade Inclusive and Safe Schools

1/1 covered

Target 4.b

Expand Higher Education Scholarships for Developing Countries

0/1 covered

Target 4.c

Increase the supply of qualified teachers In Developing Countries

1/1 covered

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Education Level
Type of proficiency
Education Level
Type of proficiency
Indicator metadata


Percentage of children and young people in Grade 2 or 3 of primary education, at the end of primary education and the end of lower secondary education achieving at least a minimum proficiency level in (a) reading and (b) mathematics. The minimum proficiency level will be measured relative to new common reading and mathematics scales currently in development.

Method of computation

No method of computation reported


Department of Basic Education (DBE) Annual National Assessment (ANA) and Progress in Internaltional Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS); Department of Basic Education (DBE) Annual National Assessment (ANA); DBE Annual National Assessment (ANA); Department of Basic Education (DBE) Annual National Assessment (ANA) and Trends in Internation Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).