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South Africa currenty has data on these targets for Goal 16.

Target 16.1

Reduce Violence Everywhere

8/9 covered

Target 16.2

Protect Children from Abuse, Exploitation, Trafficking and Violence

4/4 covered

Target 16.3

Promote the Rule of Law and Access to Justice for All

3/4 covered

Target 16.4

Combat Organized Crime and Illicit Financial and Arms Flows

1/2 covered

Target 16.5

Reduce Corruption and Bribery

2/3 covered

Target 16.6

Effective, Accountable and Transparent Institutions

0/2 covered

Target 16.7

Responsive, Inclusive and Representative Decision-Making

1/2 covered

Target 16.8

Full Participation of Developing Countries in Global Governance

1/1 covered

Target 16.9

Universal Legal Identity and Birth Registration

2/2 covered

Target 16.10

Ensure Public Access to Information and Protect Fundamental Freedoms

1/2 covered

Target 16.a

Strong Institutions to Prevent Violence, Terrorism and Crime

1/1 covered

Target 16.b

Promote and Enforce Non-Discriminatory Laws

1/1 covered

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South African Police Services Crime Statistics (Report)South African Police Services Crime Statistics (Report)