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South Africa currenty has data on these targets for Goal 5.

Target 5.1

End Discrimination Against Women and Girls

0/1 covered

Target 5.2

End All Violence Against and Exploitation of Women

3/3 covered

Target 5.3

Eliminate Forced Marriages and Genital Mutilation

2/3 covered

Target 5.4

Value Unpaid Care and Promote Shared Domestic Responsibilities

1/1 covered

Target 5.5

Equal Opportunities and Participation in Leadership

2/2 covered

Target 5.6

Universal Access to Reproductive Health and Rights

1/2 covered

Target 5.a

Equal Access to Economic Resources, Property Ownership and Services

1/2 covered

Target 5.b

Promote Empowerment of Women through Technology

1/1 covered

Target 5.c

Adopt Policies and Enforce Legislation for Gender Equality

0/1 covered

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Form of Violence
Form of Violence
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Percentage of ever-partnered women aged 18 years and older who have experienced physical or sexual violence by any partner in the previous 12 months

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